Grant Application Guidelines

Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation Grant Request Policies

The Board will Consider…

  1. Programs that benefit the largest population possible.
  2. Youth activities and programs.
  3. Medical related programs.
  4. Education and community service opportunities.
  5. Leadership training and activities.
  6. Cultural activities.
  7. The Governors look with favor on grants where there are matching funds and may also issue a challenge to organizations to raise funds and a match will then be made.

The Board will not Consider…

  1. Grants to churches and alcohol rehabilitation programs.
  2. Grants to other Foundations unless that foundation is used as a pass through vehicle.  The intent is not to take assets from the Mayor Foundation to enhance the asset base of another foundation.
  3. Grants for scholarships.
  4. Grants for band uniforms, cheerleaders, football teams, etc.
  5. Grants for golf tournaments.
  6. Grants solely for individuals to attend conventions or conferences.
  7. Grant requests where continuation of the project will depend on ongoing grants from The Mayor Foundation.
  8. Grants where the proceeds will be used for salaries.
  9. Grants where there is a duplication of services in an area.
  10. Grants where there is no evidence of community and Board commitment both in kind and financially.