The Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation is the legacy of Oliver Dewey “Jock” Mayor, rancher, businessman, and entrepreneur.  Mr. Mayor was a long-time resident of Mayes County, Oklahoma and Grayson County, Texas.  Mr. Mayor was born December 17, 1898 in Pryor, Indian Territory.  He traveled to 46 states and 26 foreign countries during his lifetime.  The 1917 graduate of Pryor High School was one of 12 children, never married nor had any children.  He died in Pryor, Oklahoma, on September 9, 1985, at age 86.

He was a mail carrier for 20 years and owned auto parts and gasoline stations in Pryor and other towns for 50 years; his fortune, however, was made in real estate, purchasing thousands of acres of land in Oklahoma and Texas, during the Depression, when land was selling for $5 and $10 an acre.

Listed in Dun&Bradstreet as a multi-millionaire, Mr. Mayor also was a bulk oil distributor and had farms and ranches in both Oklahoma and Texas.  He was a shrewd businessman who loved wheeling and dealing more than the money derived from his talent; he could have lived like a king but watched his pennies and lived like a pauper.

The Mayor Foundation is operated exclusively for public, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes within Mayes County, Oklahoma, and Grayson County, Texas. Generally, grants are made only to institutions, organizations, and agencies located in either of these two counties, but grants may be made to other qualified organizations, which will use the funds for the substantial benefit of the inhabitants of these two counties.